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Wash Day Again!

Hello ladies so I am back for another wash day! I am becoming super spoiled by this wig. It has made me wash day lazy, lol! I have been washing my hair every two weeks since wearing this wig and it seems to be working well for me.

So this is my second time using the ORS Shealicious line and I must say I am liking the products more and more. If you missed my first impression post on these products check it out HERE

 I started by Shampooing with the ORS cleaning balm and for the conditioner this time I used the Shealicious Scalp Relief cocktail. I must say that I loved this conditioner, but beware that the rosemary oil in this products last a very long time and is very strong! I am creating this post 5 days later and I can still smell the rosemary oil, lol! Lastly I use the the ORS moisture mist and let my hair air dry to about 85% before blow drying on cool till it was completely dry.


Hair at 5 months post!

So that was my super quick and uneventful wash day this week, let me know how your wash day went! Have you tried the ORS Shealicious products yet?

Talk to y'all later


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The Wash Day Experience

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