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My 2016 Hair Goals New Year New Goals

Hello ladies!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I am so excited to share another year of my hair journey with y'all! I had some ups and down in 2015 as with all hair journeys, but we must take what we learn every year to help us improve in the new year!

So, I am here to share with you my 2016 hair goals! These goals are based on what I have learned about my hair over the years and what I think needs improving. It is good to reflect on you hair journey every now and then to make sure you are still on track! Sooo, let get to the goals!

GOAL #1 Retain Length

I want to retain 5-6 inches of hair growth in 2016. I know for a fact that I did retain 3 inches in 2015, but I also cut off 3-4 inches due to damage to my ends. Click here to see that post. This year I plan to keep as many inches as possible. At my last Relaxer Day in 2016 I was at line number 14 on my length check shirt. At the end of 2016 I want to be at line number 20 which would be 6 inches of growth!

GOAL #2 Thicken My Hair

A lot of relaxed ladies know that a relaxer breaks down your hair and causes damage. Some who relax their hair soon realize that they hair may not be as thick as it use to. This can be a side effect of getting relaxers for some and while I don't feel my hair has thinned to the point of concern. I do want to take precautions. I will be using Okay 100% Pure Black Jamaican Castor Oil every night for the next 6 months to see if it will help with my thickness. Stay tune for an update later.

GOAL #3 No Direct Heat (except on Relaxer Day)

Now I know what you are thinking see says this EVERY year will she be able to keep her goal this year. To tell the truth I can't say that I will, but hey you gotta try right, LOL!!

GOAL #4 Protective Styling

I think this is on everyone's list this year. For me this will always be on my Hair Goals list. Protective styling is a staple in my hair journey. I think protective styling has saved me from damaging my hair beyond repair, cuz sometimes I be tripping, lol! Some of my favorites protective styles are wigs, top knots, buns and Marley Twist. I will try this year to find some new protective styles to wear!

GOAL #5 Be Consistent

This is another goal I put on my list a lot! For me this is a constant struggle for me and I must work on it regularly. So I have to put this on my list to make sure I hold myself accountable. I know I am not the only one who has trouble with this, AM I???

GOAL #6 Exercise

If you have done you research you will know that regular exercise is not only good for your body, but for you hair as well. When you eat right and exercise it will not only make you feel good, but look good as well! Some of my new followers may not know, but I was an avid runner at one time. While I was not trying to lose any weight, I loved the way running help to relieve my stress (which can lead to hair loss!) and I also noticed my hair was healthier when I exercised. So back to running I go! 

Those are all of my 2016 Hair Goals, what are your hair goals for 2016?? Can you related to any of my goals? Leave a comment below!

Talk to y'all later


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